Here at Atholwood we are very conscious of the environment and the impact we have on it and we strive to work towards better environmental care and sustainability.

As part of this commitment, we are enthusiastic contributors to the Nelson-Tasman Sustainable Tourism Charter.

We bought and rebuilt Atholwood in 2007 with the aim of creating a luxury retreat with a focus on sustainability.

Building & Materials

We used cedar cladding so that the building would nestle into the surrounding gardens and native trees.

Double-glazing and insulation were installed to the highest level achievable.

We have used bamboo flooring and heating is provided by a wood burner which has an eco flu fitted.

When demolition of the old building took place, many of the original materials were reused, resold, recycled or stored for future projects around the property.


We recycle all our plastics, glass, paper and metals and all kitchen waste is composted on-site for reuse in the gardens.

Water supply

Atholwood is connected to the Redwood Valley water scheme but the majority of our water comes from rain water collected off the roofs—it is filtered before use.

Water Waste

We have installed the Textile Advanced Sewage System which works by using a textile filtering medium that effectively filters the effluent finally producing a very high-quality product which we use for irrigating our lawns and gardens.

All our guest rooms have dual-flushing cisterns—again keeping water waste to a minimum.

Spa and Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a saltwater pool and creates its own chlorine which makes it virtually self-cleaning. Its only additive is salt and no harmful chemicals are required.

The spa pool uses an ozone generator—once again minimising chemical requirements.


All laundry services are completed on-site which reduces the travel needs of outside contractors. We also have the ability to actively monitor water usage.

Guests are offered the choice of less-frequent linen and towel changes which reduces water, detergent and energy use and we dry our laundry outside when weather permits.

Cleaning Products

All cleaning products are biodegradable non-toxic eco labels.


All toiletries are handmade and packaged in reusable dispensers and, along with the linen and towels, are sourced locally.

All food products are sourced locally wherever possible—and depending on seasonal availability—and packaging and food-miles are kept to a minimum.

Repairs & Maintenance

All repairs and maintenance is carried out by local tradesmen and contractors—as was the design and construction of Atholwood.

Gardens & Grounds

Atholwood is set in 2.2 acres of mature (mainly native) trees, shrubs and ferns as well as vegetable and herb gardens and fruit trees.

All the gardens are covered with bark to reduce water usage, and all garden waste is composted. Branches from pruning and wood from trees on the property provide firewood for the house.

Because a lot of the grounds are made up of native woodland, Atholwood is a wonderful haven for bird life.

We are always looking for other areas that we can improve and welcome our guests’ comments and support.